I became addicted to web development starting in 2000 or so. It started when I created a homemade multi-user blog. It was a site for me and a close group of friends to blog together, and keep in touch. It had features like current moods, surveys, polls, posts, comments, messaging etc. It was all programmed with PHP3 (yup, 3) and it used a MySQL database to store and pull data. I learned more about web programming by playing around with that site than I did from anything else, up until my first year or so working professionally.

I am currently employed at the University of Washington Information School in Seattle, Washington as a Web Developer Administrator. I started in July 2011. I’m using nearly the same toolset I was in my previous job, but I’ve replaced a custom built and tailored CMS with Drupal. My team is smaller, currently me, one designer, a content/IA pro, a communications director and a couple of bright student assistants.

I was previously employed at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan¬†as a Web Developer in the Department of Marketing and Communications. We had a pretty great team; 2 awesome designers, 3 talented developers, a content ninja, a multi-media specialist, a leader with a good vision and a handful of student assistants who were always eager to learn. We worked in ad-hoc teams on each project, and rotated non-primary roles (consulting, client interaction, project management, leading, etc).¬†Our department created and managed over 350 sites for various university departments, extension centers, schools and colleges. We’ve developed the majority of the tools that we used in our hosting environment as well as phpSimpl, an open source CRUD framework to make our lives a bit easier. It was a pretty awesome place to work.

My favorite things to work on are brand new site designs, heavy object oriented programming projects, and anything that has some hurdle that needs to be jumped. For examples, check out my projects page.