The University of Washington Information School work samples

In July 2011 I accepted a full time position at the University of Washington Information School. I inherited a full site and it is my mission to make it the best information school website in the world. These are some projects that I’ve worked on while at the iSchool. screenshot

Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity

A new site for a center that the iSchool is closely partnered with. This site is built in Drupal 7 and lives up to the same standards of the iSchool site. The design was created by Daisy Fry. The site is fluidly responsive and optimized for mobile devices. A new challenge for this site is that it seems to be a target for would be cyber vandalism. Prior versions of this site have been compromised multiple times. To help circumvent this problem, and to make use of concepts the center focuses on, the server is fully optimized for security, and we chose to serve the site only over SSL.

The Information School Website

Since my arrival about a year ago, the iSchool website has been completely reinvented. The original site was built on Drupal, so we stuck with that to help transition everyone (plus it’s not a bad CMS). We did upgrade to the latest version of Drupal though. The new design is the work of Daisy Fry the stellar iSchool graphic designer. With the popularity of mobile devices it was decided that a fully fluid responsive design would best suit the needs of the iSchool going forward. As a result the site was made to work effortlessly on devices of virtually any size. For demonstration purposes, here are screenshots of how the site would display at two sample sizes: tablet size, phone size. Along with the redesign came a restructuring of content and navigation. All information architecture credit goes to Lisa Gettings, our meticulous web producer. To make the whole development process go by in the blink of the eye, I was also fortunate to have B.J. Miller as my student developer.

The Information School Centennial Site

The Information School is celebrating its 100th anniversary and this mini site was created to spotlight some of the things that happened and changed over the past 100 years. This site was a challenge because it had to live within the current template setup how my predecessor decided it should be set up. The markup is heavy, the javascript doesn’t degrade elegantly, and there are issues with the overall implementation. These are all things I plan on fixing in over the course of the next year. The site will be fully revamped, and the code (back and front) will be brought up to standards that make it more accessible, faster, and all around better. The timeline is my own work, created with jQuery.

Wayne State University work samples

The majority of programming and webwork that I do is done at work (shocking I know). So below is a small sampling of  the type of stuff I did in the Marketing Department at Wayne.

Today at Wayne

Today at Wayne

Aka “The Hub”. Design by Joy Reed. This site’s purpose is to funnel a good chunk of up to date content to a single point. Something like a university news paper, the idea is that with minimal intervention we can put a lot of fresh content in easy reach of our audience. The site pulls from news, events, blogs, etc all across the university as well as images from Flickr, videos from Youtube, and tweets from Twitter. It heavily uses smarty caching that is prebuilt by a cron so the user should never have to deal with any slow loading pages. This was necessary because the site pulls from so many different locations. Another fun one that I’ve enjoyed working on.

Wayne State University Homepage

Wayne State University Homepage

The homepage of Wayne State University. Design by Ro (Llanes) Dang (another awesome designer). Living in our in-house CMS this site uses some robust caching, makes no database queries, and is heavily sprited for speedy load times due to the heavy amount of traffic it receives. Another one that I coded, and my fastest work to date. A single day to go from photoshop file to active HTML5 website with javascript enhancements and some crazy optimization. It was a fun day.

Wayne State University Blogs


A new experimental pet project. This is a multi-site WordPress install with automated sign-ups for students, faculty and staff of the University using their university wide ID and password. We are starting out with a soft launched beta to make sure everything is working out well before we fully promote it. Difficulties with this project were mostly related to our dev/prod environment and the infancy of multi-site WordPress 3.0. The base Wayne State theme is built upon theme foundry’s paper punch. It’s still a pet project but we have high hopes for it.

Wayne State University Student Senate

Student Senate

The design of this site was done by Joy Reed one of two awesome designers here at work (they blow away anything I could ever design). All the coding on this site was done by me. Other than being a cool looking site with a complex design, it also has a neat feature (that is sadly under used). The Voice Your Opinion section is a vote up system designed to get students to rally behind hot issues. The site is hosted in our internally developed CMS built on Smarty and phpSimpl. This is one of my favorite sites that I’ve done at Wayne.

Freelance work:

Certified Metal Products Inc.

Certified Metal Products

Freelance web site for CMP Inc. Client needed a web presence that showcased what they do and made it easy for someone to contact them online. The design was created as a joint effort by Marie West and me. It is built in WordPress so the client would have a simple to use CMS so updates could be handled on their end easily as needed.

Design by Meg

Design by Meg

Freelance website for Design by Meg. Meg wanted a web presence with the ability to sell her craft work online. The design was a joint effort by Marie West and me while consulting Meg to get the style where she wanted it. We decided to go with Google Checkout as her payment gateway, though it’s likely the site will be migrated to Amazon Payments. For the cart and inventory management I created a custom manager using PHP with Smarty and phpSimpl.

MMO Raids

MMO raids

This was done for a guild in World of Warcraft. The site was built by hand using PHP, Smarty, phpSimpl and YQL for pulling the feeds. The concept for the site was to pull in game activity from RSS feeds provided by Blizzard for the purpose of mashing the data together and displaying it as raiding group activity week by week. The complexity of this project lies behind the scenes, as each character had a separate activity feed and the number of feeds being pulled daily is quite large. YQL made it possible to pull the number of feeds I needed while remaining on a shared server. It was sadly dead in the water before it became popular as activity feeds are not currently being provided by Blizzard, but the old data still displays as it should.

Davern Global Solutions

Davern Global Solutions Inc.

Davern Global Solutions Inc.

Freelance website for Davern Global Solutions Inc. Client desired a low cost web presence that gave him control over his content. The site is set up with WordPress and a third party template with minor changes made to it. The site is no longer online.

Upcoming Freelance Projects